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75 min session to help you to be prepare for labor and delivery, available with FIona on Monday and Thursday.

$145 (regular price is $175)

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75 min session for hard working NYC moms-to-be available after 4 pm with Julie on Tuesday and Thursday.

$145 (regular price $175)

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About Prenatal and Medical Massage Eastside

Originally from Russia, Inna has nursing degree and experience of more than 20 years. Her passion to help expecting mothers led her to open her own private practice - Prenatal and Medical Massage Eastside. Being a mother and living in NYC gives Inna a better understanding of how difficult and stressful motherhood can be in the Big Apple. 

Inna is a Certified Prenatal Specialist with advance training in high risk pregnancies, sciatica, lymphedema, c-section complications, and fertility issues. 


Prenatal massage sessions will be performed on a custom designed table with a cutout and extra foam layer for your tummy comfort and an adjustable sling to gently support your body. If you want to have deep tissue, you can have it!


If you feel that sidelying suits you better, we have pillows for support in that position as well.

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Prenatal and Medical Massage Eastside

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