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About Inna


Inna Bostanci, LMT

After finishing her nursing degree in Russia, Inna completed an internship in Salzburg, Austria where she was assisting plastic surgeons with pre and post surgical treatments and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

An aesthetic nurse for 7 years, Inna's background in skin care facilitated her recognition that healthy skin comes from healthy body. That belief led her to take additional training in Massage Therapy. As a graduate of the prestigious Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, Inna is only a NYC Licensed Massage Therapist with advance training in high risk pregnancies, sciatica and lower back pain, Lymphedema, C-section complication and fertility issues with more than 20 years of experience. While most of Massage Therapists refuse to work on clients in their first trimester due to lack of knowledge and training, Inna recommends that you start your treatments as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Inna enjoys working with an expectant mothers and designs all her treatments based on her clients' changing needs and goals to get the best result from each session.


Medical Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Breast  Massage

Bodywork for the Childbearing Cycle

Massage Techniques for the Breast Cancer Patient

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